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We help gaming companies build and launch awesome experiences, reducing complexity and maximizing fan engagement throughout the entire game release cycle.


Welcome to RockinDev, where imagination meets innovation.

We're on a mission to help entertainment companies launch superior experiences so they can grow their fan base, monetize frictionlessly and build a long-lasting brand and legacy.

We specialize in GameOps and game production services, developing custom systems and integrating plug-and-play solutions that simplify continuous game releases and maximize fan engagement.

What we do
We help entertainment companies build and launch interactive experiences through custom GameOps solutions.
We enhance your digital presence throughout the entire release cycle, accelerating fan adoption in measurable, predictable ways.
We slash infrastructure costs and complexity through cloud automation, accelerating release cycles and continuous updates.
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LiveOps Solutions
LiveOps SolutionsWe expertly integrate a wide range of advanced LiveOps and GameOps solutions provided by our premium partner network, addressing many advanced use cases, including Generative AI, anti-cheat solutions, multiplayer server deployments, voice chat and much more.
Cloud Rendering
Cloud RenderingUnleash the power of the web for games, architectural applications, product configurators and beyond. With Cloud Rendering technology, users can now experience next-gen graphics from any internet-enabled device, no GPUs or lengthy downloads required.
Web3 solutions
Web3 solutionsIntegrate plug-and-play blockchain solutions to enable frictionless monetization of your game and entertainment projects. From collectibles, digital asset purchases and in-game microtransactions, blockchain technology paves the way to a permissionless, decentralized future.
Pipeline automation
Pipeline automationAccelerate your product release cycle by automating game builds and custom asset pipelines through our continuous integration solutions, freeing up your team's resources so they can focus on building experiences and iterating faster.
Web services
Web servicesFrom vibrant landing pages, documentation sites, blogs, user feedback, analytics solutions and more, we holistically build your online presence, empowering your marketing efforts so that you can continuously maximize fan value.
Game production
Game productionNeed help with game development and production? No problem! We can augment your team with top game dev talent, even taking full ownership of your project. From game concept to release, we got you covered every step of the way.

Ristband pushes the boundaries of live entertainment by bringing music shows to the metaverse.

We developed Ristband's metaverse platform leveraging Unreal Engine's pixel streaming technology and AWS cloud infrastructure to deliver truly next-gen immersive experiences.

miniPCR Digital

We partnered with miniPCR Bio to develop their flagship, gamified e-learning platform, to train students on how to use their cutting-edge biotech products.

miniPCR delivers their technology to the International Space Station and we're proud to be a key part of their digital transformation!


Forestify is an Ethereum-based decentralized app (a.k.a. "dapp") that allows users to invest in natural habitat restoration projects through nature-backed NFTs in a gamified experience with several tiers of rewards, producing a truly virtuous cycle.


"TikTok for music", Groovly is an audio platform that allows independent artists to upload short music tracks as well as unfinished projects to promote their work and grow their fan base.

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